Ready, Jet Set, Go.

Hi, frequent traveler here. I am a travel fanatic but I am not a huge fan of traveling… you know like getting from point A to point B. But if there is one thing I love, it is a tried and true, practical, stylish, and downright necessary travel essential. What exactly is a travel essential? Maybe for you it is a must read book, a sleeping pill (no judgement. #teamzquill) and eyeshades, or those stylish-but-secretly-stretchy jeans that every 9+ hour flight passengers should be required to wear. Maybe even the genie inspired pants that saves lives on those 12 hour charter bus rides.  We all have our tips and tricks.

Here, I will be letting you in on my guide; my trustworthy and approved-and-certified by time and experience itself travel holy book.

Passport. First and foremost. Always. God forbid you forget your passport. This thing can get you anywhere. Newsflash, If you don’t know this already, you cannot get out of the country without this pretty blue book. Even if you are traveling within the USA, take it with you. You never know when you will lose your drivers license (knock on wood) and you don’t want to be stranded. Don’t forget to add lots of extra pages for the cool customs stamps you’ll get while traveling between countries.

Birkenstocks. Say what you will about the 90s revival of this German sandal, but I will tell you one thing: these shoes are comfortable, go with everything, and Elle Magazine, Vogue, and Glamour wrote articles on them. So, yes, they are back. My personal favorite are the Arizona’s with the soft sole. Classic look, new feel. You have got to try them. I will also mention that every other local person and their brother wore them while I was in Florence, Italy and everybody knows the Italians know whats up when it comes to fashion. Fabulous when running through the airport, even better when walking through the markets of Tangier, Morocco. Give ‘em a go. Your feet will thank you.

Kindle Fire. I am a technologically challenged person. So when my good friend and fellow traveler Jamie Wallace showed me how easy it is to use a Kindle Fire, I became obsessed with looking out for this tablet. Not only is it upgraded to the color screen, but you don’t get that annoying glare from the sun like you would with other tablets. Yay for trashy beach reads! But the Kindle doesn’t just stop at books. With literally millions of choices of songs, movies, TV shows, and magazines, there is no way you will be bored on that non-stop flight from LAX to London-Heathrow.

EmergenC. You are lucky if you don’t get coughed or sneezed on in the tight quarters those charter buses and airplanes so graciously offer us. This little pick-me-up is hard find in Europe so make sure to stow away one of these packer friendly sized boxes of this Vitamin C immune system kick starter so you are up and in full force to take on the day. Mix with water and feel the wellness.

Mario Badescu Rose Hip Nourishing Oil. It doesn’t shock the well-traveled when they step off a long plane ride with everything from swollen feet to static crazed hair. My biggest pet peeve after a forever long flight? Ultra dehydrated skin. But after finding this super light weight, great smelling, and totally TSA friendly (3.4 ounces/100mL bottling) oil, I can throw this into my carry on and as soon as I land I put a few drops in my hand and smooth over face. I personally don’t like putting it over make-up, so if you prefer to be dolled up when traveling, put a few drops on before applying your foundation or powder and watch it last all day! You can even put a couple drops in your hair to tame the static. It really is magic.

A large tote. According to flight attendant Jamie Kilbourne, 99.9% of airlines have a two bag limit for carry ons. If you are going for a quick weekend trip, you know your mini suitcase/backpack takes up half of that so you have a choice: a side satchel to store all of your airplane needs or a tote. I love a good, durable, and under-the-seat-infront-of-you-please tote. My go to is the Louis Vuitton “Neverfull” in white and gray check. It does just what it says. That thing is never full. Whether I am in LaGuardia airport and putting a change of clothes in there to take on New York, or the Amalfi coast and throwing my beach towel and tanning oil inside, or bringing it along in Paris just for looks, this bag does the job. Another great (and less expensive, yippee!) choice is basically any tote from Philip Lim for Target line. Most resemble a fabulous Celine bag (ahh…wishes) but at that go-to Target price. Fashion forward and affordable. Match made in heaven.

Originally posted on Memoir of a Cliché, reposted with permission from Ally Arrigo. 

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7 European Cities That Will Totally Surprise You

By Ashleigh Farrar and Marlee Newman

  1. Prague

    1260851_2177585610508_2058552766_nPrague is the perfect balance of romantic and gothic. You can’t help but dream about your childhood fantasy, Disney movie prince… but at the same time, if you had to pick a city to slay a giant dragon in, Prague would be it. Not into princes or dragon slaying? (c’mon…) You can still jam out at a 5 story club, eat delicious Trdelník dessert in the streets or walk across one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, Saint Charles bridge.

    Prague is surprisingly cool because it has it all: Magnificent architecture, unreal night life, great food and rich history. So what if every word in Czech is 8 syllables with no vowels? A visit to Prague is well worth the journey and butchered pronunciation attempts.

  2. Split10665916_10152737391314809_3628274557816896208_n
    Greece is to Kim Kardashian as Croatia is to Kendall Jenner. Greece is a little more famous… but Croatia is younger and hotter! Split brings so much to the table, and the best thing about it? Not many are at the table yet! Split isn’t overrun by tourists, and every corner is even more shockingly beautiful than the last. Another surprise? The seafood in Split! Croatia offers some of the best seafood around. You have not experienced calamari until you have it grilled on a giant platter in Split, Croatia. This isn’t your local Red Lobster. Fisherman go out early in the morning off the coast, and whatever they catch for the day is what is served at restaurants that night. Whether you’re walking through a beautiful palace, rafting down the Cetina River, or eating fresh seafood, Split has surprises around every corner.
  3. Interlaken: SwitzerlandIMG_0982

    You’re probably thinking Swiss cheese, everyone walking around with skis, and unbelievable chocolate. Not far off… but Interlaken offers so much more. Imagine diving into one of those little Christmas, gingerbread house villages. Everything is cozy and charming but at the same time, Interlaken is the adventure capital of Europe (curveball?!). You can go skydiving, paragliding, canyoning, or of course, you can casually ski down the Swiss Alps. Between the picturesque mountain views and emerald green lakes, Interlaken is a hidden gem.

  4. Bruges and Brussels, Belgium10429269_10153053436403368_208734028596970368_n

    Brussels and Bruges do not get nearly enough attention. Beer, chocolate, waffles and French fries are delicacies. What more could we want? One of the biggest surprises in Brussels is Grand Place (grand platz), or the main square. It is stunningly beautiful and, at night, the whole square lights up as if the buildings are giant lanterns. Not impressed? Have a beer right around the corner at Delirium Bar with over 2000 different beers! Another great surprise is the fact that Brussels’s main monument is a tiny man pissing and no one knows why he’s famous. Instead of visiting it, you can spend all of your time drinking beer and eating waffles and write home to ma and pa about it guilt free.

    And, waffles. This deserves its own section. Most people visit Brussels and order their fantasy Belgium waffle. Heaps of Nutella dripping over the sides, giant strawberries, walnuts, and bananas piled to the ceiling. BRACE YOURSELF: Brussels waffles are best completely plain. No hooplah needed. You think I’m crazy? I’m a “Nutella on everything” kinda girl but take my word on this one. About 30 minutes outside of Brussels you’ll find Bruges. Picture the most romantic city you’ve ever been to. It has the scenic canals of Venice and the charming beauty of Northern Europe. The best part? You can still grab greasy fries in a cone and a famous Leffe beer.

  5. Amsterdam


    You probably have some preconceived notions about Amsterdam. Throw them out the window, and get ready for surprises on every street corner. Great shopping, amazing food, and beautiful parks.

  6. NiceIMG_0981

    Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. You’d probably expect to see celebrities and paparazzi on every corner, limos, and movie premiers in the most talked about city in The French Riviera. Sure, there is the occasional celebrity sighting and plenty of yachts cruising by, but there is also a lot of unexpected artsy-charm in Nice. The charming streets of “Old Nice” are lined with cute stores selling pastries, perfumes, and other knickknacks. At night the city lights up, and the streets fill with like-minded wine connoisseurs. The most unexpected thing about Nice is the people. I’m sure they have their handful of snooty residents, but the majority of the people you encounter in Nice are shockingly “nice.” It’s a breath of nice, French air in comparison to Paris.

  7. BerlinIMG_0986

    History. Tons and tons of history. That’s what you’d expect in Berlin, right? Well you’re right. Berlin is filled with it. With all the WWII history centered in Berlin, you’d expect to see informational signs and museums on every corner. Shockingly, you have to dig a little deeper to really understand Berlin’s history. If you think about it, it makes sense. All these terrible, awful things happened in Berlin, do the residents really want to be reminded of that everyday? In no way is the city of Berlin attempting erase their history, they just aren’t screaming it at the top of their lungs. You’ll definitely be surprised when you’re standing in an apartment complex parking lot, learning that just below it was where Hitler’s bunker once stood. Besides the understated history in Berlin, there is also an up-and-coming alternative scene that is catching the eyes of young backpackers more and more each year. Because of the devastation Berlin underwent during WWII, a lot of the city is being rebuilt and is nearly all new. Its nothing like what you’d expect.


Making the Most of Your Oktoberfest Weekend

Around the end of September, men start sporting brown suede capris and suspenders, the pretzel industry suddenly blooms, women unearth big bouncy dresses with aprons over top, and massive tents start popping up in Munich–at this point, there is no denying it, Oktoberfest season has begun. The 16 day event, which originated in 1810, is a longstanding part of German culture and attracts millions of people every year. People happily chant traditional songs and prost massive steins with strangers they have just met. While Oktoberfest is hands down one of the most fun and happiest events of the year, there are also a few guidelines that must be taken seriously in order to keep the good times rolling.



Steins are large beer mugs that hold about one liter of beer and are made of thick glass. One liter is quite a lot of beer, and the beer served at Oktoberfest has a high alcohol content as well. It’s equal to about 4 strong beers in the real world. So enjoy the delicious beer, but make sure to pace yourself. Alternating water and beer will help you make it through the day. “Ein bretzel, ein beer” is a classic German rule of thumb the locals use–keep your intake of solid food and alcohol equal to keep your stamina up. Oktoberfest is a marathon, not a sprint!



While it is very common to clink your steins together and prost–the German word for cheersing–with your friends and other people you meet in the tents, you have to be careful not to smash the mugs so hard that they break. Just a gentle clink will do the trick, and will keep the ground and tables free of sharp, broken glass. While some people might make it a game to try to break steins, this only results in dangerous territory and bloody feet for the unfortunate people who end up treading on shards of glass. Don’t be that guy.

Stealing Steins

After you finish your stein, don’t try to stash the mug in your bag. This makes the people working the tents very angry and also gets you at least a 50€ fine. Just enjoy your time in the tents and buy a souvenir mug afterwards! The hard-working waitresses and security staff have enough to worry about without catching you trying to smuggle a stein away, so don’t run the risk of landing in hot water with an angry German, and leave your stein in the tent where it belongs.

Being Polite


The people who keep Oktoberfest going are the women running around in dirndls serving the beer. These women are truly impressive, carrying over six steins most of the time! This requires practice and most likely a lot of time at the gym, since each stein weighs nearly three pounds! So let’s respect this talent and make sure to be polite to the waitresses. Leave them a nice tip, and they will make sure to keep you and your friends served all day.

Standing on Tables


Singing and dancing are part of what makes Oktoberfest so fun–people who have just met bond over the classic German songs. So join in! Show off the singing skills gained from years of karaoke and maybe throw in a little two-step action, but stick to the benches when you do so. Standing on the tables is not allowed.


Oktoberfest can get pretty rowdy at times; a lot of people consuming a lot of beer can unfortunately lead to violence. Keep up the Bavarian cheerfulness of the festival as it was intended and don’t ruin your time by getting involved in any fights. Keep up the “Gemütlichkeit” (German for “a situation that induces a cheerful mood”), and everyone around you will appreciate it.

If you do engage in fighting, you will not only be kicked out of the tent, you will also likely face criminal charges. Using a stein as a weapon in any way, including swinging it, hitting another person with it, or smashing it on someone’s head, will result in charges as severe as attempted murder. For any sort of crime at Oktoberfest you will be charged under very strict German law even as an American citizen. If you are confronted by someone, always take the high road and ask tent staff such as a waitress or security guard to remove the troublemaker so you can continue enjoying the festival.



Drinking a lot of beer, being around millions of people, and being in a foreign country make it easy to get lost and confused. Make sure to have a taxi number in your phone before you head to Oktoberfest so that you will have a way home. Oktoberfest is also a good time to follow the good old buddy system, to make sure everyone is safe and happy! Use common sense and keep track of your friends, don’t get in cars with strangers or even people you just met who may seem to be your new best friends, and make sure you get home safely with the same people you came with.


Get excited for the best festival of the year! Get your very own dirndl or lederhosen and prepare yourself for singing, awesome rides, sausages, and massive pretzels! Just make sure to follow these rules, so you can enjoy every minute of the festival and get home safely!


How to Successfully Pack for an Oktoberfest Camping Weekend

Congratulations, you are one of the chosen few (out of roughly 6 million) who have decided to attend the best festival in all of Europe, Oktoberfest! Even better, you’ve decided to do it right, by camping the whole weekend! Now before your head gets too big, there are a few things you need to know to prepare for the best weekend of your life.


The main key to a successful camping weekend in Munich is to remember this very important detail: it is cold in Germany even if it warm in your respective study abroad city. Temperatures can drop pretty low at night, and if you’re not prepared for this, you will swiftly regret it. Luckily, a little preparation can nip this problem in the bud. Be sure you bring warm, fuzzy layers to sleep in and bundle up in while the party keeps going after you return from a day at the beer tents, and you should have no problems. Here are our recommendations to throw in your bag to stay warm, dry, and happy all weekend:

  1. Boots: Now, I’m not talking cute, wear with a sundress to look edgy boots, I’m talking Sorel waterproof, fleece-lined boots. Or anything like this (Hunters also work). Trust me, you will be glad when your feet are toasty warm while making the most of exploring the campgrounds.
  2. Down jacket/North Face/Patagonia: This is key for sleeping to add an extra layer of warmth under your sleeping bag.
  3. Mittens/hat/warm, fuzzy socks: Again, great for cold nights
    kitten mittons
  4. Portable charger: When you want your phone, but you also want to take 1 million photos, a portable charger is crucial.
  5. Hair dryer: Even though you’re camping, there will be outlets available at our campsite to use this wonderful device! In the morning after a warm shower, there’s no better feeling than having dry hair for the festival.
  6. Headlamp/flashlight: While the campsite rages all night long, you can sometimes get a little lost walking back to your tent in the darkness. If you have a flashlight, you can cut your chances of walking into the wrong tent by at least half. Although, this could be a great way to make friends…up to you.
  7. A good night’s sleep the week before: Most importantly, remember that Oktoberfest Camping is a marathon, not a sprint. You will be partying all day at the actual festival grounds, and continuing to party into the wee hours of the night at the campsite. During the week before make sure to eat healthy, drink water, and get plenty of rest. You will need your strength.

8 Reasons Everybody Knows You’re an American Studying Abroad in Italy

By Hilary Gaumer and Sara Hennings

…not that we blame you, but these 8 classic moves are sure-fire giveaways that you’re an American transplant to the Italian lifestyle.

1. You are the only people that take advantage of the 4 bottles of wine for 10€ deal at convenience stores.


2. You try to rationalize eating bread, pizza, and pasta for every meal with the fact that you walk everywhere.


3. When you order anything restaurants, you attempt to mumble the first word and then shamelessly point at the menu rather than try to speak Italian.


4. You always take a picture of your meal before taking a bite #eatingfortheinsta


5. You plan trips to other countries just so that you can go to Chipotle, Starbucks, and Pinkberry.


6. Before you even look at the menu, you ask if the restaurant has wifi.


7. You attempt to recreate the Lizzie McGuire movie while roaming the streets of Rome.


8. The amount of likes on your Instagram makes you feel like a straight up celeb #blessed #doitfortheinsta #abroadlife



A is for Abroad

“Being abroad is a strange yet terrifying yet completely liberating and exhilarating experience,” says the girl who has been here all of five days. If we are being real here, I thought I would be gallivanting all over Europe, drinking wine, eating pizza, and practicing my Italian on beautiful willing locals/Armani models. School? What is school? I am just going to travel and tan and be a European for the next few weeks. Hold up, woah, press pause. That is all wrong, my friends. Well, not all of it, but being abroad requires a little hard work and it really reveals who you are when dropped in unfamiliar waters. This is what I have learned these past few days.

Know when it is time to buck up and do something and when it is time to go home. You are abroad, gosh darn it. You obviously did not pay X amount of money to sit in your apartment and watch movies all day. The world is waiting for you! You are here to explore, to practice the language, to meet people, to see things people dream of seeing, to take advantage of life! See it, enjoy it, live it, and take it all in. But if you are ill, injured, or physically exhausted, don’t stress! The Coliseum will be there tomorrow. So will the Eiffel Tower. Maybe even Big Ben. You will have other opportunities but know when the time is right to stay and see or go and rest.

Find a happy medium between comfy and fashion-forward for your clothes. It is no secret that Europeans are world renowned fashion know it alls. I have even seen Roman women treck ruins in Louboutin high heels. True story. But that doesn’t mean you have to. Dress to impress as the Europeans do, but please do not sacrifice your feet to the cobble stones. It really isn’t worth it. I invested in Birkenstocks today (which happen to be alla moda here in Italy) and wow did I not know what I was missing out on. Adjust your closet to your comfort and vise versa, but never sacrifice one for the other. There is always a happy medium.

If you are ill, take action immediately. European pharmacies, unlike American ones, open late and close early. So if you are ill, it really is hard to be proactive. Bring with you extra Advil, a thermometer, an over the counter cold and flu medicine, and an extra pack of band aids from home just in case your local pharmacy is closed. Call a doctor immediately. Often times they do house calls as well!

Explore outside of your host city. I am head over heels in love with Florence but I would be lying if I said I am not psyched to go to Croatia for Ultra Music Festival and to the Amalfi coast. Explore your city, but do not be afraid to get out there and see something new!

Know enough of the language to get directions and ask basic questions. I am currently learning Italian so I am not having many problems getting by here in Florence. But if I was in Paris, Munich, or Copenhagen I would be lost to bits. Knowing how to ask who, what, when, where, how, and why is never a problem. Yes, lots of Europeans speak English but they will be impressed with you- and appreciative- if you try to speak their language.

Keep a journal, a blog, a photo diary, ANYTHING to remember these moments. No, Instagram doesn’t count. Neither does Facebook. It doesn’t matter if writing isn’t your strong suit, you will want to look back at these days with a full and clear memory. It can be just a sentence or two! Write every day so you can always look back.

Make friends. Like, duh. Who doesn’t want to make new friends? Talk with people in your classes, in your program, friends of your roommates, locals even! Invite them out to the bar, invite a group over for dinner, go to gelato, go to a museum, go do anything! You are in a new place. New friends would be a bonus addition.

Focus on your classes. That is the whole reason you are here. Classes are so important I can’t even begin to stress it. You are not in Europe to eat gelato all day (ahh…wishes) and go out every night. Study and study hard so you can play hard. Nobody likes writing a paper or doing a project while your friends are traveling new places and having the time of their lives. Do not procrastinate, study in groups, get your school work done efficiently and yes, make sure it is correct!

A good work ethic in the classroom will make this all happen. Classes are classes and they are important and the reason you are here. But studying abroad is the one chance you have to be out every night with friends, travel the world, meet new people, and make some amazing memories. Do your school work, but make sure you get the full experience.

Originally posted on Memoir of a Cliché, reposted with permission from Ally Arrigo. 

Chipotle Header

How to Survive Studying/Living Abroad Without Chipotle

This article is for the like-minded Chipotle fanatics. The once-or-twice-a-week-ers who are far too familiar with all the Chipotle Hacks.


It’s for those who remember the celebratory “boorito” days, where dressing up in tinfoil on halloween results in a FREE meal.


And for those who order using the Chipotle App while waiting in line, so you can skip to the front.


And also for those who receive a Chipotle gift card for every holiday, birthday, graduation, etc.


And for those who ALWAYS finish their bowl/burrito/quesadilla (because what else would you do with it).


Oh, and it’s for those who talk about Chipotle more than they talk about their own family and which consequently results in a borderline embarrassing (but somewhat flattering) display of Chipotle related references posted on your news feed.

5 Untitled76

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, congrats, you’re addicted to Chipotle! GREAT NEWS RIGHT? Sure…if the nearest Chipotle is within a 30 mile radius of you. However, some of us less fortunate souls have relocated to…(insert suspenseful horror movie music here) a land of no Chipotle. THE HORROR.

it isnt fair

I know what you’re thinking, what is life without Chipotle exactly? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s dark and it’s scary and the sleepless nights spent counting burritos can become unbearable. Some days are easier than others. You are living abroad after all. You’re posting Instas of you sipping wine in Tuscany, eating panini in Positano, and munching on jumbo-size pretzels at Oktoberfest. But masked behind those happy emojis, you have this feeling that you’re missing something. Spoiler alert, it’s Chipotle.

lol 9

So you snap, you post and you smile, but WAIT, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is that on your newsfeed? It can’t be. Yep, it is. It definitely is. Chipotle. Who is the reckless soul that decided to apply #nofilter to their Chipotle #foodporn? Don’t they know you are thousands of miles away in a land of no Chipotle. Serious dagger to the chest, they might as well have tagged you and captioned the photo “AREN’T YOU JEALOUS (insert your name here) I’M EATING CHIPOTLE AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.”


After a few deep breaths and possibly a cold shower, it’s time to take action. No, I don’t mean “reporting user as inappropriate.” Although, it’s not the worst idea. I mean take serious, premeditated action. Let’s weigh our options here:

  1. Reach out to Chipotle Customer Service and petition them to open a Chipotle near you (slightly aggressive, potentially worth it). Follow in my footsteps and reach out to Chipotle.Take to social media and express your feelings.  (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). What’s the worst that could happen? Seriously! I’m not trying to be that girl that wears recyclable “Save the Burritos” t-shirts and stands outside of Moes or Qdoba with a pitchfork, but I’m really hungry today. I apologize for that.
    The odds are in our favor, people. Popular website Mashable recently interviewed Chipotle’s new media manager, Joe Stupp, to learn more about their social media strategies. You can read the full article here.
    1 part seriousness, 1 part hunger, 2 parts delusion, and you’ve got this utterly sincere, semi-embarrassing email I sent to Chipotle:
    “To the wonderful people of Chipotle: I just wanted to start this off by saying I am 100% in love and addicted to Chipotle. I am writing to you to beg and plead for you to open a Chipotle in Florence, Italy. I see great opportunity for you guys here. It’s a study abroad mecca. Having studied here and now moved here all the way from Virginia I know the demand is real. Having to fly all the way to Paris or London is not ideal, but trust me I’ll do it (I have done it). There is no comparable Mexican food here in Florence. You guys would be trail blazers. I can only wake up wanting Chipotle so many more times before I go crazy. Maybe you could just send a care package of your food here to Florence? I know that’s probably not possible but I just thought I’d throw that out there. Thanks for being great, Chipotle. But if you want to be better come check out the opportunity in Florence. Ciao!, Best, Ashleigh Farrar”
  2. Accept response, and begin exploring other options after being let down gently by Chipotle Customer Service.
    Seriously though, talk about customer service. Love ya Nate.
  3. Browse Pinterest until you find believable “Copycat Chipotle Recipes”
    burrito chipotleeee
    Some may call it cheating, I call it survival mode. It’s all about recreating the MVI (most valuable ingredients, obvi) that are, for a lack of better terms, most valuable. It’s the rice, the meat (or fajita peppers, if you’re a veggie like me), that make all the difference in perfecting your copycat Chipotle meal. Use the recipes below to perfect the MVIs. The add-ons can just be store bought.

    Most Valuable Ingredients Recipes: Cilantro Lime Rice, Fajita Peppers & Onions, Chicken, Tomato Salsa, Corn Salsa, Guacamole.

    For those living or studying in Florence, here’s some tips on finding the trickier ingredients.

    Tortillas: You can find these at all major grocery stores like Conad or Meta.
    Black Beans: You can find these at the Meta, bottom shelf of bean section. Sometimes they have them, sometimes they don’t, so stock up!
    Avocados: These are tough! Your best best is the San Lorenzo Central Market (Open M-Sa until 2pm). Or, if you’re traveling on weekends, I’ve found that you can find better avocados elsewhere. When I go to Interlaken or Nice I always stock up (wow, I sounded pretty crazy just there huh?).
    Sour Cream: Sour cream is hard to find and can be kind of expensive. My trick is to buy Greek yogurt and add the juice of 1/2-1 lime and a dash of Tobasco (you can find this at Meta or Conad too). It’s just as tasty and a lot healthier.
    Cheese: There are plenty of cheese options in Florence; I usually opt for a white cheese that’s on sale and I make sure it can be shredded easily. Don’t have a cheese grater? You can buy one for a euro at “Tutto 99” (Italian version of a Dollar Store).

  4. Take a weekend trip to London or Paris (extremely aggressive, 100% worth it)
    Chances are you already plan on hitting up at least one of these spots while traveling around Europe, so sweeten  the deal by making a pit stop at Chipotle ( Heads up, the portion sizes are smaller, it’s more expensive, and some of the ingredients taste a little different, but it will still do the trick, promise.

    There are currently 3 Chipotle locations in London:
    101-103 Baker St, London, United Kingdom
    114-16 Charing Cross Road, London, United Kingdom
    334 Upper St, London, United Kingdom

    There is currently 1 Chipotle location in Paris:
    18-20 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France

    Fun fact: “The World’s Biggest Chipotle” is coming to Paris in April 2015. This will be Chipotle’s second location in Paris. There is also talk of Chipotle opening up shop in Germany in the coming years. Sadly, no report on locations in the works for Italian locations. Read more about Chipotle in Europe here. Important stuff people.

  5. One-up your friends back home by taking obnoxious photos of you eating Chipotle in impressive locations and post on all social media outlets.
    Hey @FriendWhoTorturedMeWithChipotlePics Sorry, not sorry. #karma #studyabroad #travel #fit #blessed #jealousy
  6. Send said photos to Chipotle Customer Service. Persistence is key.
    Always a pleasure, Nate.




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