Re(con)naissance Art

By Nick Widmer

Over the past few years the culture of Street Art has risen from the ranks of hipster taboo to mainstream acceptance. This is due, in a large part, to the enigmatic artist Banksy, whose face remains unbeknownst to all of us (classic artist move). Banksy hit celebrity status with the release of his 2011 Oscar nominated documentary “Exit Through the Giftshop”. The film is essentially a discourse of how street art came to be, the nature of what it provides, and the key players along the way. Over all it’s fascinating and definitely something to check out. Street Art has a way of showcasing beauty in a different medium than we’re used to at museums or galleries. Instead these artists use cities across the worlds as their canvases. Their audience is endless because the platform they use is the world we inhabit. If any of these pieces can make us laugh, cry, stare for an extra few seconds, or think about something that we may have not before, then the work is done. Hasn’t that been the goal of art from the beginning?

Be on the look out for these pieces as you travel through various cities across Europe:




















You can check out more here:

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