3 reasons why Dante was the original “Mean Girl”

When it comes to Florence’s history, Dante Alighieri is a really big deal. He was a major Italian poet and the author of “The Divine Comedy,” a famous 14th Century epic poem.

If you’ve been to Florence, you’ve probably seen this statue of him. Staring down at you. Silently disapproving of your choices.


 So why is Dante judging you? Because believe it or not,
he and Regina George have quite a bit in common:

1. Dante’s Inferno is a (very literal) Burn Book.


In the Inferno portion of his Divine Comedy, Dante calls out people he knows for their sins and places them in different levels of Hell.

Guy de Monfort murdered his cousin. “That was one time!”

2. Dante actually made “fetch” happen.

Before The Divine Comedy, Italian poems were only written in Latin. By writing his epic in the Florentine dialect, Dante made the modern Italian language a real thing.

3. Most importantly, Dante knew how to rock a floral headpiece.



He can’t help it that he’s so popular.