The low-down on Florence’s ‘White Night’

Notte Bianca (or White Night, for you English speaking folks) has been a tradition in Florence for the past five years. Taking place on the last day of April every year, the city of Florence turns into a whole other world. The streets are filled with art and performances, the museums are open late night and all the bars and clubs are opened later.

The theme for Notte Bianca this year was “The City Goes On.” According to Notte Bianca’s website, “This is the theme of the fifth edition of the Notte Bianca of Florence, that aims at developing the model of a fascinating and high-value event. We will experience a limitless city, reinterpreting the avant-garde vision of the group of radical architects active in Florence at the end of the sixties, which marked a significant page of culture in the XX century. “

In the street you could find musical performances, art shows and in Piazza Signoria there was a laser show infused with dub-step. There was a hay maze to run through is Santa Croce and you could go see the David at 3 a.m.

It was a night that really brought the people of Florence and the abroad students together. Everyone came out for the festivities and partied their way through the night!