Following Game of Thrones Through Europe

By Tierney Smith

Do you dream of going to Westoros and trying your luck in claiming the Iron Throne? Do you think about climbing “the wall” like Jon Snow? Do you wish to ride dragons with Khalessi as she makes her way to King’s Landing? Well, you may not be able to ride dragons, but you can now visit many of the locations featured on the show. Hop on a flight and jet around the world to see the lands of the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheon, Targaryen and more!

Northern Ireland

Travelling to Northern Ireland brings you to not only the studio in which many scenes are filmed but also to some of the most notable locations. The Queen of England even snuck a peek recently!

Hedges in County Antrim aka The King’s Road
King's Road

When you go to the County Antrim you can walk along the infamous King’s Road that weaves throughout Westeros. You can stroll through the Dark Hedges of Armoy in County Antrim and follow along the path to the capital of King’s Landing.

Castle Ward in County Down aka Winterfell

This medieval castle is the main shooting location for Winterfell. It is featured in some of the first scenes of the series as Robert Baratheon’s entourage is greeted by the Starks. It is surrounded by haunting forests, many of which are used to film Bran’s other-worldly visions.

Ballintoy Harbour aka the Iron Islands
Iron Islands

Does this look familiar? I will give you a hint, think Greyjoy! Yes, this is the setting of the Iron Islands. Think back to when Theon returns to his homeland and meets his sister for the first time.


Croatia aka King’s Landing
King's Landing

The first season boasted Mdina, Malta as the capital but officials claimed the protected habitats were damaged during filming so King’s Landing moved! Starting from season two onwards, Dubrovnik, Croatia became the backdrop for the city of the throne.

Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik, Croatia aka The House of the Undying
House of the Undying

Also, the Minceta Tower that stands on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia can be recognized as the House of The Undying from the season two finale where Daneyr’s dragons were held hostage!


Iceland aka North Of The Wall
North of the Wall

Take a look at this and you will instantly think North of the Wall. The producers and directors prefer filming the scenes here instead of computer generated backgrounds. Who knows, if you visit here you may run into the Knight’s Watch or a Wildling!

Is your mind blown? So was ours. The real question is, how far will you travel to see Throne’s locations in real life?