What’s in the bag?: Croatia Ultra Music Festival


Right in the heart of Split, Croatia, comes one of the world’s biggest music festivals: Ultra Europe. Are you ready for the most epic weekend in the most beautiful city? Blast some of these tunes and read up on our fanny pack musts for the festival.

1. Fanny Pack – Fanny packs are a must-have at music festivals. You need only the essentials, so why bring a purse or a backpack? Also, it keeps you pretty safe from pick-pocketers.
2. Chapstick – I mean, never leave home without it. Opt for some with SPF for some extra protection.
3. Body Glitter – 0o0o0ohhhh shinnnyyyyyyy 😀
4. Sunscreen – Sunburns are never cool…neither is skin cancer. Protect yourself all day with some SPF love.
5. Granola Bar – When you work up an appetite dancing around all day, you’ll need something to snack on. Also, you won’t have to leave your awesome spot by the stage with your friends to grab some grub.
6. Headband – Channel your inner free spirit with a floral headband. Super functional when you need your hair out of your face!
7. Sunglasses – Make sure to bring some cheap sunglasses you can wear during the day, then ditch at night.
8. Mini Fan – Croatia gets HOT in the Summer. Add hundreds of sweaty people dancing to EDM music and you’ve got yourself a serious situation. Avoid all of that by bringing your own mini fan.
9. External Charger – There’s nothing worse than losing your friends (or wanting to take an epic Instagram picture) and having a dead phone. Make sure you keep your external charger with you all day for emergencies!
10. Lollipops – A music festival necessity.