9 Bucket List Sunsets

1. Sorrento, Italy

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Until you’ve seen the clouds tinged with a golden hue that seems nothing short of angelic, you haven’t really absorbed the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Don’t forget to glance down to take in the serene waters of the port below.

2. Oia, Santorini, Greece

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The world’s most photographed sunset didn’t get that distinction by accident. A sky brushed with lavender, mauve, coral, and so much more atop the blue-domed and white-washed buildings will take your breath away every time.

3. Split, Croatia


Amber reflections off the peaceful sea lining the palm-tree-studded main street of Split is the perfect end to a day spent tanning on the Dalmatian coast, and the ideal precursor to a night spent in Croatia’s legendary nightlife.

4. Nice, France

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Watching the sun set from Castle Hill in Nice affords views of the whole Promenade des Anglais, not to mention the famous pebbled beaches and azure water. They don’t call it the Côte d’Azur for nothing.

5. Florence, Italy

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Iconic and instantly recognizable to anyone who studied in Florence past, present, or future, the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo is not to be missed. You’ll never feel more fond of this Tuscan gem than when the sky turns into a piece of art worthy of the Renaissance masters who loved this city also.

6. Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands

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With more canals than Venice, Italy, Amsterdam is not short on charm. When dusk hits and the sky turns every shade of pastel, all reflected in the canals already mirroring the myriad colorful houses and boats, you’ll be hard-pressed to look away.

7. Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain

barcelona_parc_guell_sunset[1]Photo Credit

Taking in the views of this city from arguably the world’s best park is breathtaking anytime of day, but add in a sinking sun against Gaudi’s mosaic masterpieces with La Sagrada Familia and the Mediterranean Ocean in the forefront and it’s a whole new ballgame.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

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The shades of pink and purple the sky turns at dusk in Prague can’t be replicated. Add in a striking contrast to the Charles Bridge and you have a pretty unforgettable view of Eastern Europe’s prettiest city.

9. The Swiss Alps

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The Alps are a decent background to begin with, but add in a sunset reflecting off the snowy white mountaintops after a day spent adventuring in Swiss heaven, and you have the perfect setting to reflect on just how lucky you are to be there.