15 Must Have Instagrams from Your Study Abroad Semester

Studying abroad has turned you Insta famous. Before your semester abroad, you were lucky if you got 50 likes on the picture of your #PSL in front of the changing leaves #fall. Now you are raking in hundreds of likes as you explore Europe, one Instagram at a time. But you can’t leave Europe without these 15 Must Haves. Because let’s be honest, you did it for the #insta

  1. Florence

Sunset, sunrise, wine cups in the air..many opportunities to capture to most beautiful place in Florence #piazzamichelangelo #bus2florence



  1. Rome

Live out your Lizzie McGuire dream in front of the Colosseum or Trevi Fountain (when it’s not under construction) #bus2rome




  1. Venice

Time is running out. Gondolas or the colorful buildings of Burano…this is a must before the city floods for good. #bus2venice

giannivenice hannahvenice joevenice


  1. Capri

Make all your friends jealous with your picture that rivals the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Ad. #bus2amalfi #bus2amalficoast

endscapri gianniamalf marcapri


5. Positano

How will you capture the black sand beach and crystal clear water? #bus2amalfi #bus2amalficoast

devamalf jarrettamalf lucaamalf

  1. Krka Waterfall

TLC told you, “don’t go chasing waterfalls” but you’ll definitely want to chase the “like” potential of Krka’s #bus2croatia

alikrka anniekrka virgkrka


  1. Oktoberfest

Show off your new dirndls and lederhosen even though you’ll probably never wear them again. How else are you supposed to look the part of a local while chugging steins and eating pretzels as big as your face? #einprosit #bus2oktoberfest

endsleyofest gordoofest hilaryofest

  1. Santorini

If you didn’t post a sunset picture in Santorini, did you actually go? #bus2greeceislandhopping

erinsan hansan willsan

  1. Big Ben

“You sound like you’re from London” and look like it too. #lovely #bus2london #bus2lpa #bus2lpa2 #bus2ukloop

alibigben endsleybigben sarabigben

  1. Eiffel Tower

There are many opportunities for Instagram worthy pictures. Night time, day time, far away, close up…what will you choose? #bus2paris #bus2northernloop #bus2wloop #bus2lpa #bus2lpa2 #b2anloop

juliaeiffel lucaeiffel marleeeiffel

  1. The Louvre

This photo takes skill. Can you get your finger perfectly on top of the pyramid?  #bus2paris #bus2northernloop #bus2wloop #bus2lpa #bus2lpa2 #b2anloop

annielourve julialourve marleeeiffel

12. I Amsterdam Sign

Panos, “terd”, or the first letter of your first name- you can get creative but you can’t leave Amsterdam without an Instagram on the I Amsterdam sign. #bus2amsterdam #bus2northernloop #bus2wloop #bus2lpa #bus2lpa2 #b2anloop

courtneyamsterdam endsamsterdam tierneyamsterdam

13. John Lennon Wall

The caption is almost as important as the photo for this one. A John Lennon quote? A quote about peace? Something clever? A pun? #Prahahahaha #bus2prague #bus2northernloop #b2anloop #easternloop

gordolennon joelennon julialennon

14. Cliffs of Moher

More important than the perfect pour at the Guinness Storehouse is an instagram of the luscious cliffs that drop into the sea. Just try not to get blown off. #bus2ireland #bus2ukloop

juliacliffs mattcliffs saracliffs

15. Interlaken

Interlaken is not only the European capital of extreme sports but also the place of the most beautiful instagram photos. Lakes, aerial views, paragliding, skydiving, canyoning, skiing, and more…#picsoritdidnthappen #bus2interlaken

endsleyinter gianniinter haninter juliainter meeshinter

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