8 Ways the French Riviera Beats Every Other Beach Destination

By Katie Smith

1. It’s home away from home for America’s favorite power couple

I don’t need to go on but I will.

2. The pebble beaches actually rock


The smooth stone shores leave the water clear for swimming and your purses clear of sand.

3. Flower Markets by day


Wake up and smell the roses.

4. Sidewalk cafes by night


Stroll the streets and menu shop while being serenaded by live music and the delicious smells of French delicacies.

5. Nothing says breakfast, lunch and dinner quite like a crepe does.

You’re in France. Eat. Crepes.

6. Wayne’s Bar


It’s hard to sleep when you know you could be dancing on tables to a live band covering your favorite 90’s jams.

7. No better place to gamble on a good weekend…


…than the Monte Carlo Casino

8. So get your floppy hats and sunnies ready…

Because everybody is somebody in The French Riviera.