How To Snag The Best Travel Deals During Black Friday



If you’re anything like me when it comes to booking travel, you’re all about the pinning, the wish-listing, and the not-so-subtle hint dropping (I can’t be the only one who’s left the “Most Beautiful European Beaches” open on their Google search, right?). Lucky for you, Black Friday is right around the corner, which basically means affordable, amazing travel is in your future.  

Follow our simple guide to abroadin’ on a budget, so you can save big on your next life-changing experience. 

1. Sign Up For Newsletters To Get Notified As Soon As Prices Drop.

Most companies send special offers to their email lists ahead of time so you can get early access to sale information. Make sure you sign up for travel and flight newsletters to learn how to score the biggest deals first. 

2. Plan Ahead.

You know that phrase, “Time is money?” Couldn’t be more true than when it comes to travel.  A lot of people end up spending more money simply because they can’t make a decision. The earlier you book though, the more money you save, especially on Black Friday: aka the biggest sale day of the year. 

3But Be Flexible.

By being flexible with what dates you travel, you’ll be able to book your trip for even less. For example, airline and travel companies often give the biggest discounts for less popular dates. Can’t decide? Although nobody has ever regretted going to the Amalfi Coast, you can take advantage of discounted gift certificates to use later.

4. Think Seasonally. 

If you’re studying abroad in Spring, there are certain trips that only come once a year: St Paddy’s, Abroadfest, Springfest, Amsterdam on 4/20, to name a few. Trips like these sell out fast, so make sure to add them to your basket right away during Black Friday to beat the crowd.

5. Book Flights As Soon As You Book Trips. 

While busses are the cheapest way to travel, certain places like Morocco and Ireland require booking flights.  Plan which weekends you’ll be taking flight, so you can book ahead and save.