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8 Ways to Eat Potatoes in 8 European Countries

By: Austin Davis

It was my first trip to Conad living in Italy. (Newbie mistake number one – I didn’t even bring my own bag). I wandered into the vegetable section and scanned the colorful bins in search of the one food I ate on a daily basis back in the States: sweet potatoes. Not a single orange potato was found amongst the rows of various varieties of white ones. In a panic, I ran to Carrefour… Still nothing. I found a few at a small vegetable stand a few weeks later, but in the meantime, I made peace with the fact that I would have to settle for the sweet potato’s bland relative, the potato. Since my grocery store panic, I’m beginning to understand why the potato is such a staple in Europe. In my travels, I’ve encountered tons of unique uses for the fiber-packed wonder food. If you’re a picky eater, chances are you can find a potato dish in any city you visit that you will enjoy. Here are 7 ways to eat potatoes in 7 of Europe’s most popular cities!

  1. Brussels: French Fries

Contrary to popular belief, French fries are neither French nor American. The original and tastiest fries can be found in the beautiful country of Belgium! Served in a paper cone and slathered with the sauce of your choice, fries make a great snack at any point of the day or night. Try them with mayo instead of ketchup for a more authentic experience!

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  1. Amsterdam: Stamppot

Stamppot is a traditional Dutch meal consisting of mashed potatoes, kale, and sausage. You can find it at traditional dutch restaurants like Moeder’s, or pre-made at the Albert Heijn to grab and go.

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  1. Florence: Potato Gnocchi

So maybe Italy isn’t known for potatoes, but make no mistake, you can find them here too! The best way to enjoy potatoes in Italy is baked inside another Italian delicacy: pasta. Potato gnocchi is heavenly, particularly when drowned in cheese. You can find some delicious cheesy potato gnocchi at Osteria Gatto e la Volpe in Via Ghibellina

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  1. Barcelona: Patatas Bravas

You can’t go to Barcelona without eating tapas, and no tapas meal is complete without a plate of patatas bravas. These roasted potatoes are covered with mayonnaise or aioli and a smoky hot tomato sauce. Try them at any tapas bar in Barcelona, you can’t go wrong.

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  1. Interlaken: Potato Rösti

Every time I order rösti, I tell myself there is no way I can possibly finish it. Twenty minutes later, there I am again, staring at an empty plate within my ski pants had an elastic waistband. I never fail to instantly forget that regret and do it again the next day because it’s that good (it’s worth the calories every time). During a long day on the mountain, a mound of hash browns with cheese and meat just feels – and tastes – so right.

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  1. Krakow: Perogies

Perogies are like dumplings, except they’re commonly filled with potato and pan fried. Sign me up.

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  1. Crisps

Not only do the British drive on the opposite side of the road – they also like to confuse us with the naming of their potato dishes. In Britain, potato “chips” are called crisps. In Britain, to order french fries, you’ll really be asking for chips (a little weird to get used to, right?). Remember that the next time you order a plate of fish and chips.

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  1. Paris: Whipped and Mashed

No one knows how to cook with cream and butter quite like the French. Which helps to explain why the mashed potatoes that come out of Parisian kitchens are some of the lightest, silkiest, and richest you’ll find.

 food recommendations, europe, best potato dishes in Amsterdam, Paris, Interlaken, Florence, Barcelona, Brussels, Krakow, London

The next time you are wandering around a new city, unsure of what to eat and struggling with all the choices, remember that your friend “the potato” will have your back no matter what part of Europe you’re exploring.


Top Three Places To Eat In Barcelona

By Abby & Walter Instagram: @picnicsnplaces


1) Bar Martinez If you’re looking for authentic Spanish food, Bar Martinez is your spot. The bright terrace restaurant is located at the foot of Montjuic with breathtaking views over the city, port, and sea. They are known for their paella and rice dishes, which are fabulous, but be sure to go with a big group to get the most bang for your buck. We had the Mature Aged Steak sprinkled with malden salt, served with three dipping sauces — horseradish, garlic aioli, and au jus. It was perfectly cooked and worth the steep price tag. If you want to avoid a big bill, go for happy hour and sip on the rose cava (8 euro per glass) while you enjoy the stunning views of the city.

Barcelona, where to eat, restaurants, spain

2) Caporal Two words: cava sangria. Caporal swaps red wine typically used in sangria for the Spanish version of champagne, also known as cava. This is the bubbly cousin of the traditional Spanish drink that you need in your life. Located right off Las Ramblas, the super friendly staff and cozy atmosphere makes this restaurant the perfect afternoon pick-me-up spot. If you’re hungry, get the delicious paella, the serving is quite large and inexpensive. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, order a couple of tapas. Also, if you’re not a fan of sangria, try the refreshing mojitos! Everything we tried was phenomenal, you can’t go wrong here!


3) Ocaña We stumbled upon this beautiful, bright restaurant while strolling around the Gothic Quarter, the artistic atmosphere is what drew us in. Turns out, Ocaña pays tribute to Jose Perez Ocana, the brilliant painter, activist, and defender of Spanish freedom from the 1970s. The colorful seats and large wooden tables on the terrace look out on one of Barcelona’s most beautiful squares, Plaça Reial. Their cocktails are wonderful, but the real magic is on the dessert menu. We tried their crema catalana, the famous dessert from Catalonia, consisting of a custard base and a caramelized, crisp sugar topping. We also tried the chocolate cake with dulce de leche, served with berries and sorbet. After you eat, you can grab a beer from the guys in the street (never pay more than $1.50 for street beer in Barcelona) and sit on the fountain in the center of the square. You can sit there for hours watching live music and dancing throughout the square. A wonderful find in a fun square in Barcelona.


About Walter & Kelly: Growing up, both of our families emphasized the importance of eating meals together around the table. We believe it is essential not only to eat good food, but to enjoy each meal. Too many meals are shoved in your mouth while driving down the freeway, or microwaved in a plastic tray and eaten in a cubicle. Eat outside, eat somewhere with a view, find restaurants with wonderful ambiance. We are part of the revolution of food, join us!

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20 best Instagram captions to use while you are abroad

By Allie Filmanowicz

Instagram is one of the best social media outlets to show off the all the amazing adventures you’re having while abroad! It’s not that you are trying to show off how #blessed your life is right now, it’s just that…okay that is exactly what you are trying to do. BUT you deserve to have the Instagram of a travel blogger for a while, so let us help you come up with the perfect caption for every adventure.

  1. Running out of pages in my passport


Thanks Drake for always being there when we need you the most, and for understanding the struggle

  1.  Being nauti in (insert whatever beach town you are in)

Come on guys, everyone loves a good pun.

  1. We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us
  1. Been around the world don’t speak the language

Knowing how to order a beer in every language doesn’t count…okay maybe a little.

  1. Every single moment is an adventure



  1.  Wifi is my best friend, we have a serious connection

Because everyone abroad knows the struggle of constantly asking for wifi passwords and picking a restaurant just because it has free wifi more times than you would like to admit.

  1. I got 99 problems but a beach ain’t one

Puns are cool, beaches are cool, combining them is also cool.

  1. I’m in love with cities I have never been to


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder

Because you can’t have enough puns.

10. Pregaming for Oktoberfest with Springfest


Hey, you never know, maybe you actually will be back in October! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  1. Hooked on this city

Perfect to use for any bridge with millions of locks

  1. A picture is worth a thousand…calories

We all know the pasta/brunch/gelato was worth it

  1. Tasting our way around the world one glass at a time


  1. Go shawty, it’s sherbert day


  1. The glass is always half full when you are abroad
  1. You want a pizza this?


Pizza and puns, does it get better?

  1. Traveling leaves you speechless

18. What’s so great about Switzerland? The flag is a big plus!

Although location specific, this caption is guaranteed to get you a chuckle.

  1. I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world


  1. Oh the places you’ll go…

Come on, we are never too old for a good Dr. Seuss quote.


If you’re studying abroad in Europe, you don’t want to miss any instaworthy adventures. Check out the Bus2alps Instagram for more inspiration and jump on trip to the 40+ destinations they travel to.

24 Hours, 24 Pictures, 24 Things to Do in Prague

By Alicja Zak

1. Sample some local knedlíky

2. Take advantage of one of Europe’s cheapest places to buy beer
3. Don’t forget to have some Trdelnik for dessert, or as a midday snack

4. Enjoy some mulled wine at the Prague Castle with a beautiful view from above

4 4(2)
5. Sit by the river and enjoy a view of the swans with the Prague skyline in the background

6. Take a walk on the Charles Bridge and stop to listen to the street performers

6 6(1)
7. Don’t miss the Prague Astronomical clock at midday

8. After a night of partying be sure to eat some Smažený sýr (fried cheese)

9. Go to the top of the tower at the Old Town Hall for fantastic views of the Old Town square

9 9(2) 9(5)
10. Ride the tram for a taste of local life

11. Arrive by train if you want to check out the local countryside and the Hlavni Nadrazi train station

12. If you’re around during holiday season (Christmas and Easter) check out the markets in the Old Town square12(1)12(easter market) 12(3)
13. Enjoy Prague by night, especially in the summertime.

14. People watch in the Old Town Square

15. Take a walk down Wenceslas Square
16. Take a trip through the Lesser Quarter (Malá Strana), one of the city’s most historic regions.

16 16(1) 16(3)
17. Send a postcard to your closest friends
18. Check out the John Lennon Wall in the Lesser Quarter for some beautiful, constantly changing artwork.

18 18(1)
19. Head to the Kafka museum along the banks of the river

1919(2)20. Take a scenic river cruise
21. Escape the city for a few hours

22. Admire the beautiful mix of architectural styles


14(3) 22(1)
23. Get lost

24. Come to Prague with Bus2alps to see all of this and more!

8 Ways the French Riviera Beats Every Other Beach Destination

By Katie Smith

1. It’s home away from home for America’s favorite power couple

I don’t need to go on but I will.

2. The pebble beaches actually rock


The smooth stone shores leave the water clear for swimming and your purses clear of sand.

3. Flower Markets by day


Wake up and smell the roses.

4. Sidewalk cafes by night


Stroll the streets and menu shop while being serenaded by live music and the delicious smells of French delicacies.

5. Nothing says breakfast, lunch and dinner quite like a crepe does.

You’re in France. Eat. Crepes.

6. Wayne’s Bar


It’s hard to sleep when you know you could be dancing on tables to a live band covering your favorite 90’s jams.

7. No better place to gamble on a good weekend…


…than the Monte Carlo Casino

8. So get your floppy hats and sunnies ready…

Because everybody is somebody in The French Riviera.