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Croatia Ultra: Why You Need to Be There

By Alec Reitzel

It’s in Croatia, need I say more?

Image number 1

I will say more. Take a look at this lineup.

Image number 2

When else will you be able to belt out your “lady jam” in a foreign country?


You’re surrounded by thousands of other equally as fun (and maybe slightly crazy) people.

Image number 4

If you’re going to go chasing waterfalls, you should consider chasing the ones at Krka National Park.

Ultra krka

A music festival with killer headliners, white water rafting down the Cetina River AND island hopping? Is there actually any more one could ask for?

ultra cetina

I’m finished. Book your most epic weekend yet here.

Image number 5

17 Reasons You Should Probably Skip the Amalfi Coast

By Alec Reitzel

1. These views are disgusting and actually make you happy to sit inside all day.

Amalfi 1
2. Who actually wants to see one of the 7 Wonders of Europe?

Amalfi 2
3. Being in the place where limoncello was created? Couldn’t think of anything worse.

Amalfi 3
4. I’m quite positive Positano is actually where happiness goes to die.

Amalfi 4
5. Having sandals made where Jackie Kennedy once was (and had some made) makes for a rather boring story.

Amalfi 5
6. I’ve seen better coastlines in Nebraska.

Amalfi 6

7. I’d rather have a PB&J than eat fried calamari and seafood pasta.

Amalfi 7
8. Instagram likes don’t actually matter so what’s the point right?

Amalfi 89. My friends are having a better time working in a grocery store back home.

Amalfi 9

10. Lemons the size of your head? Big whoop.

Amalfi 10

11. Hitting four spots (Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Pompeii) in one weekend? Overrated.

Amalfi 11

12. Granitas taste like the inside of a shoe so I’ll pass.


13. My mom would rather have an Easy Bake Oven than a souvenir from Capri.

Amalfi 13
14. I’d rather stay pale and join the Cullens.

Amalfi 14

15. Taking a trip to where the Beyoncé (amongst other celebs) have vacationed. LAME.

Amalfi 15

16. Who checks things off of their bucket list? Or has one at all.

Amalfi 16


Amalfi 17