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Croatia Ultra: Why You Need to Be There

By Alec Reitzel

It’s in Croatia, need I say more?

Image number 1

I will say more. Take a look at this lineup.

Image number 2

When else will you be able to belt out your “lady jam” in a foreign country?


You’re surrounded by thousands of other equally as fun (and maybe slightly crazy) people.

Image number 4

If you’re going to go chasing waterfalls, you should consider chasing the ones at Krka National Park.

Ultra krka

A music festival with killer headliners, white water rafting down the Cetina River AND island hopping? Is there actually any more one could ask for?

ultra cetina

I’m finished. Book your most epic weekend yet here.

Image number 5

Can’t-Miss Fall Concerts in Europe

If you’re like me, you can appreciate a good concert with great friends in your hometown. However, with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe comes the opportunity to see your favorite artists with your best friends in places like Paris, Amsterdam, Ibiza, London, and Prague… which really changes the game.


A couple can’t-miss concerts this Fall are pretty epic. Let’s start with the biggest and baddest one of all, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. With divorce rumors running wild throughout Hollywood, this could be your last opportunity to see them together live! Not to mention, the concert is in this tiny, strange city called… PARIS! So get your friends together and grab tickets to their last stop on the “On the Run Tour” in Paris, France.


Next on our list: None other than Lady Gaga. She’s currently touring all of Europe so you have multiple chances to see her! From Amsterdam to Prague, to London or Paris, she will be in Europe the entire time you are! Let’s cheers to running into her at a club somewhere, hopefully while she’s wearing a dress made entirely of raw meat.


Are you an EDM fan? How high does Hardwell rank on your list for DJs? For me, pretty high. If we’re on the same page, you absolutely cannot miss Hardwell in Amsterdam on October 16th.  Talk about a crazy time: not only are you experiencing the insane city of Amsterdam, you’re seeing one the biggest DJs of our time perform live. Oh and guess what, tickets are around €39. Done and done. While we’re on the topic of Amsterdam, another can’t miss concert is the Amsterdam Music Festival in October! The most incredible EDM festival in this city hands down.


Now lets talk about a place that’s been on everyone’s mind since J.Biebs “hit” Orlando Bloom: Ibiza. Whether you pronounce it “Ibiza” or “Ibitha” we can all agree that this place is unbelievable. With upcoming concerts like Ellie Goulding, Snoop Dog (Snoop Lion?), incredible DJ’s, and the opening and closing parties, this is the place to be this Fall. Check out some of the concerts here.


And finally, a tribute to my favorite city in the world: Barcelona. This is home to the greatest clubbing in Europe: Opium, Catwalk, Razzmatazz; I could go on forever. Along with these amazing clubs come awesome DJs gracing us with their music, pretty much every day of the week. (If you want to rage on a Monday, this is your city).

No matter where you go this Fall, if you’re a fan of music, make sure to see at least one of these concerts. This is just a tiny sampling, so make sure you do some research so you don’t miss any opportunities to see your favorite artists while living abroad!

Festival Season

by Tom DeFeo

As the days grow warmer, this year’s festival season quickly approaches. Since the turn of the millennium Europe has seen an ever increasing number of music festivals throughout the continent, representing all genres of music with the vast majority taking place in the warmer months between May and July.

Primavera festival
Primavera Sound Festiva

One of the longest running music festivals on the continent is the UK’s Isle of Wright Festival. The inaugural Isle of Wright took place in 1968 and by 1970 it attracted over 600,000 people with it’s legendary line up that included Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and The Who. Today, while it fails to attract numbers like it saw with it’s 1970 lineup, the festival is still one of the larger ones in the UK and is recognized as an important precursor to the European festival culture that lives on to this day.

While the long tradition of rock music festivals continues to thrive with events like the Primavera Sound Music Festival in Barcelona and Germany’s Rock am Ring in Rock im Park, over the past few years Europe has seen a surge in music festivals committed to the ever emerging musical genres of house, techno and electronica. One of the first of these festivals was Sensation.

Sensation White
The first Sensation occurred in 2000 and was held exclusively in the Amsterdam ArenA until 2005. The original festival was a mix of electro-house and hardcore music but today the event has been split into two different events altogether: Sensation Black, which is comprised of all hardcore acts and the more popular Sensation White, that is devoted to electro-house. Since 2005, this one night show has been held in cities across Europe and the world and there are even plans for it’s debut in the United States sometime in the next year.



In recent years electro-house festivals have graduated from one night events like Sensation into multi-day events resembling the format of the original rock music festivals. One of the newest and most popular to adopt this format is Tomorrowland. This Belgium festival is 3 days long and includes a lineup of over 400 DJs including the likes of Avicii, Skrillex, and David Guetta.


So this summer, whether you were already planning on traveling through Europe for an extra few weeks or if you have to ask mom and dad to float you a few bucks for some additional “cultural activities,” try to make it to one of the continent’s many music festivals and take part in one of Europe’s newest cultural trends.