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5 reasons you have to see Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

By Christy North

  1. To explore the small harbor town of Trogir


Trogir is located 17 miles west of Split, and has a rich history. The town’s winding medieval alleys, bright blue vistas, and open-air cafés make it the perfect spot for a day trip or waterfront dinner.

  1. Forget tan lines and bathe topless in Bol.


Hop on a ferry from Split — it’s only 40 minutes off the coast. Take in the pristine beaches on the island of Brać before deciding where to set up camp, and get tanning.

  1. Paddle through the rapids on the Cetina River


Enjoy a day on the crystal clear water of the Cetina River, fighting through the rapids, jumping off cliffs, and drinking the fresh stream water.

  1. Kayak on beautifully serene waters in Omiš.


Home to the glowing Cetina River Canyon, the mountainous port-town is the ideal spot for hiking, kayaking and exploring. There are several spots for renting kayaks along the water.

  1. Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen at Klis.


The town of Klis wraps around a crumbling medieval fortress and sprawls down the mountain.  The fortress offers the best views of Split and the surrounding countryside. Several scenes from the fourth season of Game of Thrones were filmed here, too.

10 Reasons European Beaches are Better Than American Beaches

By Caroline Chesterman

It’s really not even a competition.

1. Gazing up at the colorful houses of Positano


Gorgeous houses to your right and crystal clear water directly in front of you? Yea, I can get used to this.

2. Drinking granitas in Capri

emma stone 1

Freshly made orange slushies!? I’ll take 5. These orange drinks are a staple in Capri and there’s good reason for it. Drink one to cool down while you lounge on the beach soaking in the hot sun. Take that America!

3. Fresh calamari in Split

patrick star

Calamari doesn’t get much fresher than when it comes from this seaside town. Enjoy freshly caught calamari while you waste away the days hanging on the white sand beaches of Split.

4. Fly boarding in Nice

fly boarding 1

You have jetpacks coming out of your feet! Enough said.

5. Cliff jumping in Cinque Terre

cliff jumping

Calling all of you adrenaline junkies out there! How about cliff jumping in one of the coolest beach towns in Italy? Life’s not bad.

6. No open container law


This one really just speaks for itself. Grab your favorite beer, liquor, wine, or mystery cocktail and kick up your feet as you lay in the sand and forget all of your worries. It’s going to be a beautiful day.

7. Black sand beaches of Antibes


You don’t just stumble upon black sand beaches every day. Skip the typical white sand of the states and try something new! These beaches are rare like Tyrion Lannister being sober. Cheers!

8. Wipeout style water park in Croatia

croatia water park

Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down. Slide, bounce, climb and giggle your way around this unique waterpark in the Adriatic Sea. Get ready to break out your inner child and go wild!

9. Beautiful people of Greece


Can you say 6 pack abs and sculpted bodies everywhere? I can. But please pick up your jaw, didn’t momma teach you not to stare? That’s what sunglasses are for.

10. Nude Beaches


Naked people everywhere wahoooo!! But really, there will be naked people. Come one, come all to get rid of your tan lines and be free!!! Where else can you chill out on the beach and get a free show?

Croatia Ultra: Why You Need to Be There

By Alec Reitzel

It’s in Croatia, need I say more?

Image number 1

I will say more. Take a look at this lineup.

Image number 2

When else will you be able to belt out your “lady jam” in a foreign country?


You’re surrounded by thousands of other equally as fun (and maybe slightly crazy) people.

Image number 4

If you’re going to go chasing waterfalls, you should consider chasing the ones at Krka National Park.

Ultra krka

A music festival with killer headliners, white water rafting down the Cetina River AND island hopping? Is there actually any more one could ask for?

ultra cetina

I’m finished. Book your most epic weekend yet here.

Image number 5

Why the Dalmatian Coast is the Best Coast

By Alexis Court

There has always been a debate about which coast is the “best coast” in America. Phrases like “West Coast, Best Coast” and “East Coast, Beast Coast” have been thrown around for years. Yet, when it comes to Europe, there is one coast that stands out from the rest—Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. If this beauty isn’t on your “must-see” list, it needs to be. Below are five reasons that explain why!

The History

Croatia is chock-full of it. From Diocletian’s Palace to the Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius, there are many sights for visitors to see and learn from throughout the country.

The Activities

River rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, boat tours—you name it. Croatia has some of the best outdoor activities Europe has to offer.

The Beaches

You can’t complain looking at waters like these! Add a lemon beer into the picture and your day will instantly be made.

The Food

Ohhhh the food. If you like seafood, then you will love Croatia. List any type and this destination has it.

And last but not least…

Krka National Park

The waterfalls in Krka National Park will take your breath away. Not a believer just yet? Go and see them for yourself! You will not be disappointed.