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“Why We Ride” blog competition

Bus2alps is holding another awesome contest for all those who love travel. All you have to do is write a blog post explaining why you ride with Bus2alps! You don’t have to be a professional writer but creativity, as always, is encouraged.

Blog submissions will be accepted from March 31 until Tuesday, April 8 at midnight CET.

After that, Bus2alps will pick five favorites and open the polls to the public for voting. Voting on the Final 3 blog posts will take place from Wednesday, April 9 to Friday, April 11 at midnight CET. Winners are announced and notified April 12.

Here are the rules:

  • Blog entries must be 1000 words or less

  • Your entry must be posted on your personal blog and submitted with blog link to wiseman@bus2alps.com

  • All entries must have a direct link to the Bus2alps website

  • All blog entries must be tagged with the following: Bus2alps, Student Travel, Student Travel <city you are studying in>, <the destination>, Study Abroad, Bus2alps review

  • The contestant must state the following in their entry:

    • The Bus2alps destination they were/are in

    • Why you ride with Bus2alps

    • Why the Bus2alps trip enhanced your experience

    • And of course any other funny stories or experience you had

  • Entries do not need to be professionally written and must include at least one photo from the trip

3rd place- 50% off French Riviera trip
2nd place- 100% off Interlaken and Lake Como trip AND free Bus2alps t-shirt
1st place- 100% off Bus2alps weekend trip of choice AND free Bus2alps t-shirt and tote

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Europe’s top 10 adventure experiences

By Emily Rosenbloom and Sara Wiseman

10. Hiking in Cinque Terre
Lace up your sneakers and get ready to climb. Trails in Cinque Terre offer a stair-filled workout for your buns. The trails also offer incredible views of the towns and coast.

9. Scuba-diving in the French Riviera
After winning big at the Monte Carlo and living the high life, take a load off and explore Nice’s underwater world.

8. Whitewater Rafting in Croatia
While this activity gets the adrenaline pumping, visitors should also consider rafting in Croatia for the stunning views.

7. Caving in Budapest
Also known as spelunking, caving is a unique activity that allows you to explore wild cave systems. Why do you want to do this? It’s a unique and beautiful experience in an equally beautiful city!

6. Visiting Morocco
New continent, new world! Morocco is one of a kind and an experience within its self! If you’re looking for an adventure, Morocco is calling your name.

5. Cliff jumping in Positano
cliff jumping
One word: Awesome!

4. ATV’ing in Greece
Why walk when you can four wheel it around one of Europe’s most ancient cities? It’s the only way to explore Greece!

3. Canyon jumping in Interlaken
canyon jump
One of three places in the world that offers canyon jumping. You’ll take that jump and free fall through the canyon. It’s an adrenaline junkie’s heaven!

2. Surfing in Portugal
Wax up your board and rip the waves. Or, if you’re a newbie, take a lesson to get onto your feet and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Portugal on a different level.

1. Skydiving in Interlaken
You’ll never want to leave Interlaken after free falling between the snowy mountains and the two lakes.


Photo blog: European reflections

All photos credited to Courtney Gallant.


Traveling by cheeses

Ah, cheese. Crumbly, sharp, gooey, sweet, melty, fresh, aged…I love it all. So where to get the best varieties? Well, friends, you are in luck. I’ve done the legwork and researched the top spots in Europe and discovered why it’s worth country-hopping solely to sample the native cheeses. It was tough work, but since cheese-tasting is where I really shine, it only seemed right to share the wealth of information.

Interlaken: There’s more than just Swiss cheese in this Alpine haven (although that’s delicious too). Melty, gooey, absolutely delicious fondue is the perfect accompaniment to chilly days. What’s cozier than dipping bread in melted Gruyere cheese after a night sledding down the Alps or a day of snowball fights?

France: Saying you have to go to France to try the cheese is a little obvious, but it’s worth repeating, because the cheese there is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Snacking on brie and a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower is one of life’s greatest joys. Venture away from the capital to the Riviera, and you’ll find farmer’s markets galore, each one rife with fresh cheese for the picking. Sample a nice Salers de Crandelles for a sharp bite, or a truffle brie for a special spin on a favorite.

Amalfi Coast: All over Italy, you’ll find mozzarella that will make your mouth water but the Amalfi Coast really takes it to another level. Chow down on a Caprese Salad in Capri and you’ll see what I mean. Soft, bursting with flavor and the perfect complement to some fresh tomatoes and basil… you may never want to leave the island.

Prague: You might not think to travel to the Czech Republic for delectable cheesy treats, but you would be wrong. One of Prague’s most traditional foods is, in fact, smažený sýr, which basically translates to fried cheese. At any number of street vendors and sit-down restaurants alike you’ll find this on the menu, and if you’re like me, you’ll be a little surprised when they serve it to you on a bun like a hamburger. But slap some ketchup on it and embrace it for what it is, and TGIF’s mozzarella sticks just might have some competition.

Greece: Soft, crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth little nuggets of goodness, feta goes with literally every food you might want to sample while in Greece. Fresh feta is a wonder to be savored, and it should be a personal goal to eat it at every meal if you’re lucky enough to travel to this country. Let’s just say it: the feta is betta in Greece.

Ireland: Pub food is all well and good, but Dubliner cheese is really where it’s at in the Emerald Isle. Similar to a white cheddar but even more scrumptious, you can practically taste the fresh mountain air of the rolling green hills that characterize this charming country.

Budapest: Cheese and chocolate? What, where? Budapest brings the greatness of the two together in the candy Túró Rudi. Look for white and red polka-dot wrappers at any grocery store in Budapest, and enjoy a chilled candy bar that’s essentially cheese encased in chocolate. Weird? Yes. A surprisingly delightful combination? Also yes.