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How to Get Ready for a Music Festival Abroad

For all the music lovers and festival enthusiasts studying abroad this semester, the time has finally come to forget your inhibitions and immerse yourselves in the good vibes of Barcelona’s Abroadfest. Whether this is your first experience with a music festival or whether you’re a pro at this kind of stuff back in the States, you’ll want to check out this list of tips for attending a festival abroad:

  1. Know the Line Up: The key component to a music festival is, of course, the music. Abroadfest will be held in  Razzmatazz and Shôko, so make sure you’re ahead of the game and know where to be at what times by looking up the Abroadfest Line Up now. In order to ensure that you are up front for your favorite bands, plan out your strategy ahead of time and know which stages you want to post up at and which times you’ll need to be there. While you’re checking out the lineup, if you find some bands you haven’t heard of, take the time to make a dope playlist and learn some new music. You’ll be glad you did when you get to experience these bands live.cell phones at music festivals, external battery, portable charger, iphone, android, cell phones abroad, music festival tips, abroadfest, europe
  2. Bring the Right Equipment: The last thing you want is to be at a music festival without the essentials. The second to last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with stuff while you’re trying to rage to your favorite bands. The happy-medium here is to bring the essentials and pack lightly. Make sure you are packing everything in a secure, light bag; a bag that zips is preferable for security reasons – fanny packs are your friends. My recommendations for must-have items are: an external battery for your phone, an extra protein bar for energy, a hard copy of notes you’ve made regarding which stages to be at which times in case your phone does die, whatever form of money you decide is best for you (make sure you check out our safety tips blog post when planning this out), and a water bottle. Anything else is just extra – except good vibes, of course.
  3. Stay Hydrated and Nourished: As mentioned above, I always recommend bringing a protein bar and water bottle. Some festivals restrict liquids and foods being brought in, so make sure you keep this in mind. Staying hydrated is key, especially when surrounded by hundreds of people jumping around in a tightly-packed setting. You’re going to sweat – a lot. Your body will thank you for focusing on getting enough water in your system.drinking water at music festivals, stay hydrated at abroadfest, study abroad tips, barcelona, abroadfest
  4. Prioritize Safety: Safety abroad is always a priority, and this becomes even more important at a music festival. For a full list of ways to protect yourself (and your bank account), check out our blog on How to Stay Safe While Abroad.
  5. Live in the Moment: The best part of a music festival is the positive and contagious vibes. Focusing on living in the moment while abroad is always something I’ve found to be important, but this is even more of a necessity at a music festival. You’re surrounded by great music, creative visuals, and interesting people. Focus less on capturing the perfect Snapchat Mystory and more on engraving every detail you can into your memory. Send out good vibes and you’ll find that even more come your way. Soak in every moment, because you’ll never encounter as much kindness as you will at a music festival.

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Spring in London’s Royal Parks

London is a city incomparable, and spring is a stunning time to visit the teeming metropolis. London is home to eight Royal Parks, as well as countless smaller parks each blooming in invariable beauty during the start of spring.

The largest (at 350 acres) and most well known of the Royal Parks is Hyde Park, located in the center of London. Hyde Park contains many famed monuments, such as Serpentine Bridge and The Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Fountain, but its true allure is the grounds and park-goers it hosts. There are endless paths in the park leading through total greenery in every direction, and with the chilly winter air of London banished by the warming spring sunshine, tulip buds bloom across the fields of the park. The mesh of bright yellow and green invites tourists and Londoners alike to come frolic through the parkland, creating an atmosphere as bright and joyful as the sunshine bursting out from behind the clouds.

Walking through the scenic parks of London, it is difficult to imagine that the city is ever plagued by frequent rain. An entire day is easily spent in the parks alone; one can easily venture all the way from Hyde Park to Horse Guard Parade without leaving the vegetation. Beginning in the grandeur and expanse of Hyde Park, and exiting from Hyde Park Corner towards Wellington Arch, one will find themselves in Green Park. True to its name, Green Park is nearly entirely covered in intense shades of green grass. Large emerald leaved trees sprout up across the park, creating appealing shaded oases, perfect for a spring time picnic.

Tourists can also break from their picnic to revel at the RAF Bomber Command Memorial, dominated by an imposing bronze sculpture of seven aircrew, at the edge of the park. After paying respects to the saluting soldiers, one can then orientate themselves towards Buckingham Palace and easily exit Green Park to waltz directly into St. James Park.

St. James Park is arguably the most stunning of the eight Royal Parks, and by far the most diverse in flora and fauna of the three crossed on the walk towards Horse Guard Parade.

The 57 acres is centered around St. James Park Lake, which boasts 15 varieties of waterfowl. During the stunning London spring, trees and flowers are blooming across the grounds, adding a colorful contrast to the grassy jade slopes, where visitors can lie with a good book in the midday sun.

Standing on Blue Bridge over the lake in St. James Park, one can see their final destination, with the London Eye peaking out just above Horse Guard Parade. The vista from Blue Bridge is a perfect look at the many contrasts of London. The modern London Eye juxtaposes the 17th Century Horse Guard building, while the foliage of St. James Park frames the scene, portraying the synthesis of nature and industrial space London has been established upon.